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TOP 2 Elite money earning sites of August 2013


I am a very thoughtful person, who does not like sites like „Earn money by clicking ads – $0.0001 per one click“, but this is a small exception. Asiacube is not site, where you earn bucks by clicking ads, but liking facebook pages, following other twitter accounts, retweeting or jsut watching youtube videos. In fact, I do not know how much money you’ll earn in one click, but yu collect points that you convert into money. Per one click are (average) 9 points and by converting 3000 points you get $1. You can make per day 500-700 points + daily bonus is 50 points per day. If you are a frequent „faceoboker“, you can follow asiacube official fb page and use the coupons from there that will give you a lot of points. I highly recommend you this site. It is one of the few sites that will provide quick cash flow. If you will sign up under me as a referral, you will get bonus $0.20 and 500 points. To get this bonus, you need to do at least 30 exchanges. REGISTER and get bonus $0.20 and 500 points.

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SocialBirth is very similar to the AsiaCube site and it is also all about earning points and then converting them. SocialBirth has one big advantage – minimum payout is $2, so you won’t have a tendency to withdrawal just with $1. And what is the greatest advantage of this site? You can earn points too fast! I earn per day 250 points = $0.25, but with referrals you can earn up to $5 per day. This site is very easy to operate and liking facebook pages or retweeting can become very effective! At the very beginning you start with $0 + 0 points. If you will register under my link, you will get for the start $0.15 and 150 points. You will get this bonus after 100 exchanges (like, retweet, watch, pin, g+) REGISTER and get bonus $0.15 and 150 points Paypal Payout Proof

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